Jarrod Sierocki to present on Cyberbullying and his successful legal battle against his bullies


Jarrod Sierocki, Director at Insolvency Guardian, will share his experience with cyberbullying, ‘the Fastest Growing Faceless Crime’ at the No 2 Bullying Conference being held 29-30 June 2015 at the Outrigger Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

Speaker Bio: Jarrod Sierocki

Jarrod Sierocki

Jarrod Sierocki

Jarrod is the Director at Insolvency Guardian, the Chairman of the Friends of Israel Qld and the Chairman and owner of QLD’s latest professional basketball team SEQ Basketball which boasts three current Olympians and two American imports.

With many past and present board positions, and as Managing Director of Insolvency Guardian, over the past 10 years, Jarrod has worked tirelessly in corporate debt resolution across multiple industry sectors to ensure good financial outcomes. He also has a wealth of experience at board level of developing good corporate structure and governance. In addition to his business, he is currently undertaking an MBA and is an active member of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), the Turn-around Management Association (TMA), the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and the National Tax Agent Association (NTAA).

Jarrod became an anti-bullying advocate after being the victim of cyber-bullying. He successfully sued his bully for the defamatory material that was published online and has since spoken out about the dangers of cyber-bullying and the difficulties that victims face when trying to bring their bullies to justice.

Since 2006, he has participated heavily in many charitable events – raising money and awareness for charities which include, The Heart Foundation, The Leukaemia Foundation’s Shave for a cure and St Vincent De Paul’s CEO Sleepout to sponsoring grass roots and professional levels of sport.

Jarrod is a proud husband and father of two who enjoys everything QLD.

Presentation Title:  Cyber Bullying – The Fastest Growing Faceless Crime

Extract: I will be discussing cyber bullying, it’s effects which are based upon my own story which spanned almost three years. It included, suing the people who engaged in the online bullying as well as the people who allowed it to remain posted. Those individuals and companies include Whirlpool and Google of which I am the first person in QLD’s history to be successful in holding them to account for their actions.

My case among many really highlights the dangers of online bullying at its worst. Cyber Bullying is the “fastest growing faceless crime” of which anyone with access to a computer can say or do anything they like under any name they choose, using the power of the internet to bully you. It takes years to build a solid reputation and in minutes, moments even, it can all be destroyed by someone behind a screen without a face who has an axe to grind.

I will briefly discuss the evolution of online bullying and the lack of regulation surrounding the internet which has led to the rise of online bullying over traditional bullying. That in itself has many issues because of the rate of growth in technology over the past 10 years and the rate of which our law makers can keep up. Because of the rate of growth, there is no way to police and hold these bullies accountable as we would in a traditional sense.

I will explain the highs and lows of those times, some of the ways I was able to cope during the case until I was vindicated, and how I have been able to develop strategies to deal with the situation that my family and I faced.

From those strategies, I will explain how I put those into action which turned negatives into positives and how that has helped me move forward.

There are many positives that a person can take from a terrible experience, a critical time in life whereby an experience can change things as you know them. For many, these positives are hard to spot, put into practise and very hard to imagine when you are caught in the middle of adversity.

My story will demonstrate that, even though online bullying has a profound effect on your life, you, and you alone have the ability to change your path and achieve what ever it is you desire from life.

Case: Sierocki & Anor v Klerck & Ors (No 2) [2015] QSC 92

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