2016 Conference Ends on a High Note

The No 2 Bullying Conference ended on a high with keynote speaker Keith Parry, Western Sydney University who spoke on kicking out racism and discrimination in sport and discussed why bullying in sport has become so normalised.

He said; “Maltreatment of sports persons can impact self-esteem and performance and lead to dis-engagement from social media and even retirement from public life. “It’s not enough to just not boo” said Keith.

The conference was attended by a positive blend of 150 academics, researchers, authors, psychologists, consultants and support workers who shared a common goal to seek change and tools to make a difference in the realm of bullying in schools, workplaces and cyberspace.

The general consensus is that we need to be ever changing on the issue of bullying. While we will never be able to eradicate it, we can always manage it more effectively. The nature of bullying will keep shifting and so the solutions will need to change along with it.

There was a shared view of “Co-creation and evaluation” as mentioned by Associate Professor Jane Burns, Young and Well CRC. One example is involving students and workers in the creation of programs with a shared outcome in mind and then a shared evaluation of the program to help ensure it is effective.

There is also an evident need to return to a “sense of civilness” as mentioned by Children’s eSafety Commissioner Alistair MacGibbon. Bringing back this sense of civility will help us determine what is right from wrong, what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in a variety of places.

Everyone who attended the conference contributed towards the platform of discussion on bullying. Feedback from delegates and speakers was positive and practical tools and programs were taken away to be put in place.

Thank you to the 2016 Keynote Presenters

Alastair-MacGibbon_t Mr Alastair MacGibbon
Childrens e-Safety Commissioner
lukecornelius Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius
VEOHRC Review, Response, Partnership and Innovation, Victorian Police
RobCornall Mr Robert Cornall AO
Chair, Defence Abuse Response Taskforce
Jane-Burns Associate Professor Jane Burns
Founder and CEO, Young and Well CRC
 JackyDawson Ms Jacky Dawson
Education Services Officer, Independent Schools Queensland
 sophiehenshaw_t Dr Sophie Henshaw
Clinical Psychologist, Henshaw Consulting
RobNairn_t Mr Rob Nairn
Executive Director  Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA Ltd)
 KeithParry Mr Keith Parry
Lecturer in Sport Management, Western Sydney University
Deputy President Ingrid Asbury
Fair Work Commission

Conference Streams

  • Schools
  • Workplace
  • Cyberbullying
  • Higher Education
  • Principle and Practice
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Open

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear keynote presentations by renowned speakers
  • Have access to over 48 concurrent sessions
  • Meals for the duration of the event including Morning and
  • Afternoon teas with our Conference partners and poster presenters
  • Sit down lunch
  • Attendance at the 2016 STAAR Awards Dinner
  • Access to the presenter podcasts to catch up on anything you may miss
  • An online copy of the book of proceedings

Conference Highlight

This year the Conference is incorporating The No 2 Bullying Strategy To Action Award Recognition.

The STAAR Awards aim to recognise and showcase Bullying Prevention and Management approaches in three categories.
STAARThe STAAR Award categories include the following:

  • Stop School Bullying Award
  • Healthier Workplace Award
  • Cyber Smart Award

The STAAR Awards provide an excellent opportunity for recognition of achievement and education to peers of the strategies undertaken within an organisation.

Network with like-minded delegates

Principals / Teachers
Counsellors / Therapists
Mental Health Workers
Social & Youth Workers
General Practitioners
Allied Health Professionals
Human Resource Management
Workplace Health & Safety
Local / State Government
Academics and Researchers

Advisory Committee

Sharlene-Chadwick_new BrettLee kenrigby Sengstock
Ms Sharlene Chadwick Mr Brett Lee Dr Ken Rigby Dr Brian Sengstock
Margaret-Thorsborne Yvonne  Nerio-Baldini  more-banner-small
Ms Margaret Thorsborne Ms Yvonne van Lent Mr Nerio Baldini

Sponsors 2016

bullyzero CRCC Ingrids-Book

Feedback from 2015 Attendees:

The program included 6 keynote presenters, 60 session presenters and 4 workshops a poster and trade display over the two days.

  • One of the most valuable conferences I have attended
  • Such great presentations
  • It was a wonderful conference – very worthwhile
  • The program was well structured and balanced
  • It wonderfully merged the interest groups of schools, workplaces and cyber space concerning critical issues encountered about bullying

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